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skills testing


rainbow recruit offers online testing solutions provided by leading assessment provider Skillsarena. Using state of the art software simulations, candidates are asked to answer questions and perform tasks in all of the major software products i.e


·         Word

·         Excel

·         PowerPoint

·         Outlook

·         Access


Skillsarena assessments are true to life simulations and can be measured in various degrees of ability.  This allows you to identify and validate your candidate’s capabilities and expertise either onsite or remotely.


The rainbow recruit testing package includes, but is not limited to;


·         UK Clerical- including Audio/Speed Typing, Spelling & Grammar, Data Entry and Filing

·         MS Office- all up to 2007

·         Finance and Accounting

·         Logistics- including tachograph and driver safety

·         International- languages including French, Spanish, German and Dutch

·         Literacy – Including Verbal Reasoning and Comprehension

·         Numeracy- Including Numeric Reasoning

·         Legal

·         Call Centre including phoenics

·         Psychometrics including personality profile and sales/customer services     

·         IT


To ensure we provide a quality and consistent service to our clients and candidates, we utilise Skillsarena’s assessment tools to endeavour that rainbow recruit skill match the right candidate to the right role.  In addition, Skillsarena assessments ensure that rainbow recruit complies with equality and diversity by assessing all candidates.


For more information on the benefits of using skills testing please visit www.skillsarenacorporate.com 

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