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interview tips

Do your research

Equip yourself with as much knowledge as possible about the company.  You can do this by speaking with your Consultant, searching the company's website, reading up on recent news, press releases and obtaining company information

Be prepared

Attending an interview is the best way to demonstrate your organisational and time management skills.  You should try to dedicate as much time as you can in preparation ahead of your interview, think about your strengths and weaknesses and have your answers prepared in advance, as this is a common question asked at interview.  What would you ask? Why not think of your interview as a potential client meeting rather than a prospective employer.

Plan your route

Ensure you have the correct company details, address, contact name and telephone number, time and date of interview from your Consultant.  Leave yourself with plenty of time to ensure you arrive prior to the interview time. Why not do a practice run ahead of your interview.  This will give you an idea of traveling time and distance and check if there is anywhere to park your vehicle beforehand.  This may raise questions for you to ask?

Its time to shine

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

  • Dress to impress, take time to choose your outfit, if you look good you will feel good and remember confidence comes from within. Choose conservative colors, and remember to polish those shoes, as a general rule suit and tie for men and skirt/trousers and blouse with a jacket for ladies, always check with your Consultant about dress code.
  • Smile, make eye contact and remember a firm handshake.
  • Be confident of your experience, attributes and skill set you can bring to the position.
  • Use case studies/examples or references of your work providing evidence of your skills, achievements and attributes required for the position.
  • Listen carefully to the questions asked giving clear and concise answers without rushing or waffling.
  • Remember to show your enthusiasm and interest
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions too, it shows you are interested in taking the role seriously, this is your opportunity to find out about the company ethos, team you will be working in and whether this is the right position for you.
  • Most importantly try to relax and be yourself

And finally.

Thank the interviewier(s) for their time,  reiterate your interest, leaving  them with a smile and firm handshake.

Once out of the interview contact your consultant to give them feedback on how you think it went.

Last but not least

  • Be prepared:
  • Research the company:
  • Plan your route:
  • Choose the outfit:
  • Read and Re-read your CV and Job Description
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